If your business is struggling… Communicate

Communication between owners and staff is essential for any progressive business, even more so if times are tough… but owners don’t believe for one second if this is indeed the case that by keeping the realities of the situation from your partner in life, this is in any way is a commendable idea.

 Sure, it is easy to assume that by not involving your partner in the day-to-day operations of the business this will or may save them from undue stress. For the most part this is an admiral quality but if circumstances indeed begin to go south, even to the point of no return, letting a partner know the gravity of the situation at this late stage may put a terrible and often irreversible strain on the relationship, let alone the fate of the business and on one’s mental health.

There is nothing worse than an individual’s world being torn upside down because of a lack of communication. So often circumstances can be improved when all concerned are on the same page. This goes for the communication with staff as well. Most of the time they are not stupid for they will know if things are not the best. As an owner you must realise that these people too have commitments both financial and personally so they must also be kept in the loop. You will often find by being open and honest with them that they will fight just as hard with thoughts and ideas and a step up in work ethic to help turn things around, but communication must occur first and foremost.

It is not a failure to share the stresses and burdens in tough times, in many circumstances it is a great relief to do so, even more astounding is that those around you will often show the true worth of loyalty and commitment by embracing your predicament and they will begin to share your load.

If circumstances do get mentally tough contact: ruok.org.au   or similar organisations.

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