Decisions Decisions

Keep a prized 72 Holden Monaro or sell it and create a specialized business that would become the benchmark of the hospitality industry.

Thankfully the Monaro was sold.

Enter Anthony Bosco, the founder and owner of Espresso Works in Perth WA. A business that specialises not only in offering for sale the very best coffee machines and grinders on the market but importantly a business that excels in their service and repairs.

This amazing young entrepreneur was destined to be successful. Fortunately, the desire to help and satisfy people in such a specialized area of the hospitality industry became his true calling. And it is not simply because of his charm, smiles, sincerity even good looks, although I am sure his wife would agree with all these, it is because this man knows how to interpret and deliver on the real essence of an often-forgotten aspect in business, true and reliable service! And on that front what a difference Espresso Works is making.

It is often said that the key to success can be influenced even determined by the extent of one’s commitment and sacrifice, yet it is undeniable that in business the quality of people employed can also play a significant role. Those forming part of the Espresso Works family thankfully fall into this criterion. Anthony has been blessed for his staff embrace his passion to deliver on service, which goes above and beyond the norm of the industry. They do so with integrity, sharing his vision in constantly doing the right thing for their ever-increasing array of customers, both large and small.

Espresso Works has raised the bar in so many ways and like an Olympic athlete trying to reach new heights, Anthony and his staff are always striving to reach and achieve the very best outcome for all those crying out for quality service, genuine and honest advice, and importantly reliability in the maintenance of coffee machines and grinders which for many ultimately forms the lifeblood of their hospitality businesses.

 Espresso Works Head office/Showroom can be found at Unit 1, 50 Ladner St, O’Connor, WA, 6163 or at

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