Fields of Vincent

The first thing noticed when entering this compact little café in Mt Hawthorn is that the resident barista barely has time to breath as he focuses on brewing sensational coffees. As one patiently waits to give an order, the senses are alerted to the aroma of freshly ground coffee, the sight of an amazing array of bagels and the sounds of upbeat yet appropriately levels of background music.

Enter Matt and Lizzy, the brains trust behind this boutique café. Since 2018 these two lovebirds have been passionate about providing not only the best coffee and food for their family of customers but importantly they have created an environment where the lucky few can almost call for a fleeting moment FIELDS of Vincent a second home. Conversations with customers only enhances a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

Fields of Vincent has both inside and outside seating and they even encourage four legged friends to attend. Unique to this café is the option to order from an open window facing the footpath for those on the run. Not to mention the most amazing bagels would be a sin… they are to die for including genuine New York style croissants that Matt has mastered with flying colours. Add healthy smoothies including gluten free options there is no reason not to be impressed with this establishment…

Congratulations Matt and Lizzy for providing an ideal location to socialize while satisfying one’s taste buds. They can be found at 135 Scarborough Beach Rd, Mt Hawthorn, WA 6016

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